Hi there!

I’m Nisha, a roaming freelance writer (usually) based in sunny Sydney.

Equipped with Bachelor’s degrees in both English and Marketing, plus a few educative stints within publishing and media agencies, I chose to switch things up and created my own business.

This model works wonderfully, as it allows me the freedom to remain authentically creative.

Freelancing requires a level of trust and commitment, which I naturally love to extend.  I’m friendly, genuine, and enthusiastic about the global clients and small businesses who I choose to work with!

My services extend to anything that involves creativity, communication and language. This tends to fall within the categories of Travel, Nature, Health, Wellness, Literature, Spirituality and Lifestyle – simply because they’re my passions. In saying that, I am always up for a challenge. I’ve covered topics from Dog Food to Financial Planning… so it really can’t hurt to ask!

Lastly, I provide free and reasonable quotes – so if all of the above sounds good: