A passionate Evolutionary Astrologer, Nisha currently enjoys life with her fiancé, in the beautiful Northern Rivers of Australia. But let’s journey back.

Nisha’s ancestral lineage made itself known at various points, subtly interwoven through her life’s unfolding. This signature perhaps first crystallised during one particular trip to India, which entailed a visit to her grandfather’s library. He was a master yogi, pranic healer and spiritual scholar. A combination of the invaluable resources (handwritten notes and all), as well as a new permission to lean into the unseen, meant she took this… and hit the ground running. Nisha spent the next four years actively (and almost exclusively) learning about herself and her inner world; as well as the subtle realms, natural laws – and the dynamics of our relationship as humans, to both. She found her way to the works of Western theologists Andrew Harvey, Sally Kempton and David Frawley, to name a few; and dove into exploring Buddhism, Hinduism, Christian Mysticism, Sufism, Yoga, Reiki, Ayurveda and so on. She first found (remembered) a resonance with Astrology through the work of astrologer Dossé-Via Trenou, and her global community, Know The Zodiac (…in that glorious full circle way, she would come to write for KTZ years later).

Curiosity spurred, she made her way to Jeffrey Wolf Green’s branch of Evolutionary Astrology, through her chosen teacher, Timothy Halloran. This modality offered her a lens that fit like no other, as like the universe itself – Astrology is in infinite motion. As Frawley so eloquently states, Astrology was ‘the original science or system of knowledge, the basis for the first cosmologies through which the ancients comprehended the structure and movement of the universe. It was the science of fate or destiny, used for understanding events on earth, which were seen as originating in the heavens. Astrology was not only the original and foremost of the outer sciences, it was also the most important of the inner and spiritual sciences.’

To Nisha, Astrology is easily the closest humanity has come to creating a framework for understanding, translating and even predicting the complexities of an unfolding reality and consciousness itself. A gift from the cosmos; this stunning tool allows for deepened understanding, healing, compassion, expansion and ultimately evolution. Astrology is not simply theological or imaginative – but a grounded and rich vehicle for life. All these years later, it still fascinates and excites her every single day.